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Iphigenia Taxopoulou

Iphigenia Taxopoulou is a founding member and general secretary of the European theatre network mitos21.

She has worked in theatre as a literary advisor, programming consultant and international projects manager in Greece and abroad for several years.

She is an experienced sustainability consultant, lecturer and educator and an associate partner of Julie’s Bicycle, the UK-based charity that mobilizes the arts and culture to take action on climate change.

She holds a degree in Philology and Modern Greek Studies from Aristotle University (Thessaloniki) and an MA in Cultural Management & Theatre Criticism from the City University of London.


Her book Sustainable Theatre: Theory, Context, Practice was published by Bloomsbury / Methuen Drama in May 2023.

Spanning almost three decades, this book approaches the topic of sustainable thinking and theatre practice from multiple angles and through an international perspective.

It records how climate and environmental concerns have been expressed in cultural policy, arts leadership and organizational ethics; in the greening of infrastructure and daily operations; in the individual and institutional practice of sustainable theatre-making; in performing arts education; and in touring practices and international collaboration.

It investigates, too, how the climate crisis influences theatre as a story-teller – on stage and beyond.


Caroline de Gruyter

Dutch author, Europe correspondent and columnist for NRC Handelsblad, the Guardian and Foreign Policy.

Anja Strelec

Anja Strelec

Author/film maker

Iphigenia Taxopoulou is a founding member and general secretary of the European theatre network mitos21.

Colette Victor

Colette Victor is an author, literary expert and teacher on ‘the story’.

Valerie Fabris

A translator and teacher by training, Valérie now works as a career guidance counselor.

Elisa Rubin

Elisa Rubin


A trained translator, specializing in literary translation, Elisa has always been a fan of fantastic literature, particularly in English.

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