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Valerie Fabris

A translator and teacher by training, Valérie now works as a career guidance counselor in a large international organization in Brussels. In 2014, she enrolled in a stress management cycle through mindfulness. 

This discovery will transform his life! Since then, she has trained in several Belgian universities (UCL/ULB) to become a mindfulness instructor for children/teenagers and adults. She regularly organizes adult or parent/child workshops as well as cycles in primary schools. 

Since 2023, she has also been training future mindfulness instructors for children at UCL. Valérie is part of Emergences Education, the association founded by Ilios Kotsou, sponsored by Matthieu Ricard and Christophe André.

Les sourires de Sophie

Summary of the work: 

Gabriel is 10 years old. His world collapses when his best friend turns his back on him. Her mother, Valentine, tries to find a balance between her private life and her professional life in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Their home is on the verge of implosion until the day new neighbors come to settle next to them. With patience and intelligence, the neighbors supported by the child’s teacher will inspire the Mother and her son to transform themselves from the inside by sharing with them another way of being in the world!



Caroline de Gruyter

Dutch author, Europe correspondent and columnist for NRC Handelsblad, the Guardian and Foreign Policy.

Anja Strelec

Anja Strelec

Author/film maker

Iphigenia Taxopoulou is a founding member and general secretary of the European theatre network mitos21.

Colette Victor

Colette Victor is an author, literary expert and teacher on ‘the story’.

Valerie Fabris

A translator and teacher by training, Valérie now works as a career guidance counselor.

Elisa Rubin

Elisa Rubin


A trained translator, specializing in literary translation, Elisa has always been a fan of fantastic literature, particularly in English.

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