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Massimo Bernacconi

Massimo Bernacconi was born in Ravenna (Italy) in 1970 and since his childhood he has been passionate about aviation, making it his professional activity.

Former officer of the Italian Air Force (that celebrates its 100th anniversary this year 2023) and Air Traffic Controller in Italy and Switzerland. Graduated in Political Science at the University of Bologna, he currently works for a European institution.

He’s a passionate sailor and historic car racer and writes about airplanes and cars for some specialized magazines in different countries. Married, two children, works and lives between Brussels and Prague.


A true and fully documented story.

Anna, a lady from the upper middle class of the city, leaves this land taking with her a long life of beautiful memories and tormented regrets. She leaves in silence, with the composure and dignity that were hers without knowing that she would return to live through her memories, jealously guarded for many decades. A story of strong passion, if we cannot call it love, with a young fighter pilot of the (Royal) Italian Air Force, Elio. All that right before the WWII apocalypse. Their romance will take us to the peaks of the Dolomites, the Adriatic coast, East Africa, up to the Himalayas.

The war, the inevitable result of an agony that had begun years before but which at the time still seemed distant in the Polish plains, forcefully disrupts the lives, and plans of two young people. Peace finally arrives, but the relief drags on for months before settling into a new course of destiny for our protagonists.

In just a few years the world had changed perhaps more than during the long century that had ended a few decades earlier, from a social, political, and economic point of view.

We had moved from the era of biplanes to that of jet aircraft and those who survived the carnage were either able to follow the pace of change or were destined to succumb.

For those who had been frozen, paralyzed by the bewilderment of what was happening, disconcerted by what they had seen, heard, and imagined during a traumatic human experience, it was not easy. And it wasn’t even for those who remained at home waiting… feelings of guilt, desire, the torments of the bowels and minds, time and its relativistic vagaries that pass either too quickly or not at all.


Caroline de Gruyter

Dutch author, Europe correspondent and columnist for NRC Handelsblad, the Guardian and Foreign Policy.

Anja Strelec

Anja Strelec

Author/film maker

Iphigenia Taxopoulou is a founding member and general secretary of the European theatre network mitos21.

Colette Victor

Colette Victor is an author, literary expert and teacher on ‘the story’.

Valerie Fabris

A translator and teacher by training, Valérie now works as a career guidance counselor.

Elisa Rubin

Elisa Rubin


A trained translator, specializing in literary translation, Elisa has always been a fan of fantastic literature, particularly in English.

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